Our Approach

Ph.D. Time is one of the most reputed and trusted PhD Help platform in India. We bring various PhD courses for the students from various fields like IT, Engineering, Banking and Finance, Management, Health Care, Mass Communication and Journalism, etc. We passionately work to provide you full career oriented, value based Regular courses as well as Distance & Online education programs. We dedicate work to give you quality education to our all students.

Our Story

Ph.D. Time started with the aim to educate the students. Here, we provide counseling Gradation and Post Graduation courses in just one year in case if there has been a break in education. We brings courses especially beneficial for the students who had to terminate studies due to some reasons such as financial issues, family issues or health issues, but now they want to finish their courses.

Ph. D. Time Advantage

We always ensure that students can gain exact knowledge from highly experts on the subjects from top class institutes. Our students can also get benefited by learning from renowned corporate leaders, business academicians, and industry connoisseurs. All these experts share their precious knowledge and experience; they also convey important aspects of the corporate world.One stop solution for distance education & Online Education.With CollegeKa you receive

  • Transparent Course Information’s.
  • Interactive and Focused Study Material.
  • Coursed with most reasonable fee structure.
  • All day Counselor Support.
  • Credible Institute Information.
  • Option To Learn Anytime Anywhere.

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